What Do the Best Counsellors in London Have?

A counsellor is a professional who provides help for a person’s personal, social or psychological needs. Whether the professional is a counsellor, a psychologist, a psychotherapist, or some other form of similar provider, certain characteristics are expected of such a professional. If you live in the London area, and you’re seeking a counsellor, you may ask yourself, “What do the best counsellors in London have? Here are some of the characteristics that are seen.

They Have The Ability to Listen

A counsellor who does all the talking is not the goal of a professional. Instead, such an expert will listen to their client. However, they not only hear what their client is saying, they look for the specifics parts of a person’s problem or story that should be further investigated. Therefore, they have the know-how not only to listen but to get to the root of a problem.

They Are Patient

There’s something that comes with the ability to listen and not talk, and that’s patience. A professional counsellor has patience with clients as they move through their problems. Not every client has the same speaking process or ability to communicate. Some can explain what’s bothering them right away, while others need more time to get to the areas of their life that are causing them pain. A counsellor will not only move through this process at the pace of their client, but they realise that results take time to achieve.

They Are Non-Judgemental

What is a client’s story? It could be something that a counsellor hears often, or, it could be something that the client is ashamed of because they know most people would be judgemental if they knew. A counsellor serves as someone who keeps a neutral tone with a client. Also, in addition to being non-judgemental about a person’s deeds, a counsellor must also be non-judgemental about the kind of person they are advising. A counsellors attitudes regarding race, religion, politics, etc. should never enter into a counselling session. Pimlico Therapy professional Natalija keeps this at her core values at her psychotherapy practice.

They Are Confidential

You’ve heard of a Catholic person going into confession with his or her priest. What is said to the priest is confidential. With a professional counsellor, he or she must keep whatever is going on with his or her client secret, unless the client has expressed something that needs to be addressed to another party, such as a crime that needs to be reported to authorities.

They Are Compassionate

Even though a counsellor needs to be a good listener and non-judgemental, they must also be compassionate. A professional counsellor is not someone with no empathy that a client talks to. Quite the contrary. It’s essential for an expert actually to care about their clients.

The best counsellors London have can adhere to all of the characteristics that are expected of professional counsellors, particularly those with lots of experience. They are the kind of professionals that people can count on and that receive numerous referrals for a job well done. For more information and mental health advice, follow Psytherapy Chelsea