Do You Remember Celebrity Kate Thornton?

I remember that day when news headlines saying that Simon Cowell unexpectedly fired Kate Thornton from being the host of X Factor. I was having my favorite cereal with strawberry milk, and on my last bite, celebrity Kate Thornton’s face was on the television with a big red X on her face. There was a little smiling face of Simon Cowell at the bottom right-hand side of the TV. Back then there was no clear reason why she was sacked from the show. Wasn’t she doing good? She was there for 3 years, and she was the first ever presenter of the show. I wouldn’t know how her hosting performance was, I only watched X Factor in the latest seasons.

Kate Thornton And Simon Cowell

All I knew back then was that Kate was so mad at Simon Cowell for not having the decency to tell it to her before the news spread to the press. She said that she would never return to the show if ever invited. She even said that she would never watch an episode of X Factor again because it would hurt too much.

After much speculation as to what the underlying reason was in her sacking, it came to a conclusion that she was fired due to her age. She was 31 at the time the show started. But she was replaced by Dermot O’Leary who was the same age as hers! So maybe it wasn’t really an issue of age but performance. Again, I wouldn’t know because I never watched an episode wherein she was the host. Maybe I should go ahead and watch to see what went wrong.

Thornton now manages a retail website where she publishes articles and deals that can help business women earn and save when they go shopping. She also takes care of her 8-year-old son.